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Geoffrey Homma and MB-Online running the Sydney Marathon for ByRocco

We feel excited to announce that Mohamed from MB-Online, and his youth friend Geoffrey Homma are going to participate in the upcoming Sydney Marathon on September 18th 2022, to raise funds for a primary school in Sierra Leone.

Geoffrey and Mohamed participated in a marathon together in 2014, and 8 years later they will join forces once again with the goal to enable – and improve primary education for 300+ children in an area where education is highly scarce.

This initiative has been created together with ByRocco Foundation. The funds raised through your generous donations will be used to purchase educational materials for the school, to recruit and pay teachers, and further improve facilities at the school.

During the past few months, hundreds of local Sierra Leonean men and women have dedicated their lives to building the school. It was thanks to the support of previous donations raised through ByRocco Foundation that the school could be built. However, the work is not done yet.

Geoffrey and Mohamed are leveraging their efforts of competing in the 2022 Sydney marathon to help getting the school ready for opening as soon as possible.

Geoff and Mohamed: “We are calling for the generosity of our friends, family, and supporters to contribute to the future of 300+ children in an area where basic education is far from common.

While you’re at it, we also wish that our effort to run 42km will inspire you to lace up your running shoes, and enjoy the countless benefits of regular exercise such as running outdoors.

Let’s go, and thank you in advance for your generous donation.”

Our Sydney marathon mission has been accomplished!

With an average running time of 05:25 min, MB-Online & Geoffrey Homma ran a full marathon in 04:46:31 min for a total of 42.2 km.

Proud of this result! Proud of the final amount of € 5,615 that they raised for the primary school.

We want to thank everyone who has donated.

Thank you from Sierra Leone
Beginning of a wonderful future. Water Well for alle the work and that all children have access to clean water.
Start ByRocco Foundation School
Toilet building for the school
Start furnishing the classrooms

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